Blab or not to Blab

That is the current hot question for marketers, has started quite a stir among us.  I have watched a few and they seem very fun, and I believe you have to make them fun, if not you will not retain viewers.  You have to be quick on your feet(thinking wise), therefore Blab is not for everyone. I think this would be great for people who do interviews on a regular basis. While this will bring in outside questions as well, I think it’s better than a webinar where the viewer’s input is limited.  Blab vs webinar, both have their functions however people are thinking Blab maybe the end of hangouts or webinars.  I tend to think non-scripted viewer based questions will keep people on webinars where they can control what is being said.  That is why you are in marketing, to control the flow of the customer interaction, correct? Looking at this further though, blab has an openness about it, that forces interaction, raw interaction.  Of course you can record, cleanup your Blab recording and post to Youtube, however that loses some of it’s appeal, however opens up a way to shrink a 4 hour blab to the most relevant elements of the conversation. Bottom line, am I going to use blab, yes however not all my eggs are going to be in that basket.  See me at  
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