DropMock Review

This is the Demo Video from Lee: Here is the Video of me purchasing the Elite Version of DropMock: After looking at the training videos I find out that the Monthly Membership @ $37 a Month is what you need to get access to all the other designs, and the ability to grab Web Page capture. Pros: -Very sleek interface with some training very useful. -Easy to use Cons: -Limited available stock to the initial release to 30(which it does state on sales page). -Unable to use the Web Capture portion on Elite Version* *The part I don’t like is the Video on top is the Demo video Lee wanted affiliates to embed on their pages which talks about that particular function, but it not on the Front End Product offerings. (http://jv.leadseven.com/) [rwp-review id=”0″] EDIT 4/12/2016: Today I received an email from Lee stating “I’ll jump straight into this, we are going to be adding 10 new templates to your account by the end of this week! We are also going to give you a new feature within DropMock called Sketches! This feature will allow you to drop an image into the mockup and it will draw that image as a sketch on the canvas.. ..We are just testing it now, to release as early as possible! What we are also going to do is open up the HD downloads to ALL members – please check your account this should now be working!” This is a better foot forward, with the added features I will be editing my review above. http://jvz6.com/c/110371/204740 Please leave your own review if you have purchased this product and let everyone know what you think!
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