Multiple Screen Envy!

Written by Curt Crowley
Have you ever had a case of computer envy?  Well I have Screen Envy at home.  At work I have two monitors 24 in, extended desktop, it’s great, especially when I am doing meetings.  I can share one screen and work on another.

The Problem at home, when I am working on project or blogging, I have to constantly minimize what I am looking at in order to view a video or read more, etc.  It’s a GIGANTIC PAIN!

So I started my Nifflin’!  and I came across a great idea that sharing my desktop to a Tablet!  Hey I had a Tablet too!
Needless to say I was on the road to happiness!

Now I needed to find a good, cheap(even free), solution!  Then to my very eye’s it appeared!

In shock I had found the solution to my core being of happiness, I found……

Spacedesk X10 allows you to share out over your Lan/Wifi and extend out your monitor, by installing a Free Android App, and the desktop software.  Installation is in seconds for each platform.

Now before anyone says anything, yes I know it is NOT Encrypted communication, but it’s in my home!
So Go on now, get to downloading and enjoying Extended Desktop Screens like me!
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