Written by Curt Crowley
I know I have emailed most of you about SlickPlayer and WP Image Redirect as a bonus of it. Let me go a bit further into Slickplayer. First off your support will be handled directly and personally by David Taylor. He is a great guy and handles his support very well. Please forgive him that he is Scottish though! SlickPlayer is a great VideoPlayer, but it just does not play videos. It allows you the ability to:
  • Embed Images that are clickable/linkable
  • Social Sharing
  • Watch & Win Contests
  • Logo Masking
  • Complete Player Customization
  • Auto-Redirect when playing finishes
I use SlickPlayer  to protect my training videos, I put time in those and SlickPlayer protects my time! Go see what WP Image Redirect and SlickPlayer can do together, then you make a choice! Watch this quick overview:
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