Your Complete Cheat Sheet On Staying Anonymous Online.

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How easily you can be seen?

Your Social Media Fingerprint Leaks!

Social Media Fingerprint

You Google Footprint and what is stored.
1) Scroll Through Timeline, Remove Items from it and Google Servers click on the three dots, then Delete, Then OK, The Click Activity Controls.
2) Untick “Include Chrome Browsing History and Activity…” Then click Pause
3) Manage data Google shares with advertisers, scroll to bottom and click Ads Untick any of them or untick “Also use Google Account Activity…” to remove them all. Stop Google from using your data Click the toggle to Off.

Verify Your Browser is Blocking Tracking

Why Autofill is Bad Idea!

Example of Autofill no-no
Chrome Settings > “Enable Auto-fill to fill in web forms in a single click” – Untick it Click on Manage Autofill settings to see what is being held, you can click on each entry and delete them.

If you need to save your details then use encrypted wallet managers

If Privacy Matters…

Delete Cookie and Remove Plugins
chrome://settings/content > Set “…only until you quit your browser” Set “Block third-party cookies and site data.” Then click “All cookies and site data” Click “Removal all” or one by one.

Disposable email service

What Microsoft Knows about you…

EFF – Windows 10 Disregards User Choice & Privacy Settings.
In Windows Type “privacy” then click “Privacy Settings”
Then click on toggles to enable or disable the options, i.e. “Send Microsoft info about how I write or “Let websites provide locally relevant content” turn to off.

Best tool to stop Windows 10 from spying on you:

Private Search Browsers

Privacy Browser Add-Ons

Encrypted Self-destructing texts

Signal Private Messenger – Android
Signal Private Messenger – iOS

VPN – for Privacy – Browser with VPN Built In

Complete Anonymity

Opt out of tracking

Google – Analytics opt-out

No Tracking Search Engine
No Tracking in Chrome for Google or Bing

Social Media Tracking

Facebook Preferences


Your Ad Choices – opt-out of behavior tracking
Google Choices
Microsoft Choices
Yahoo Choices