Easy 23 Ideas for Membership Sites Like Society11

The Easy 23: If you know anything about me, you know I am a co-founder of Society11. Society11 is has been established for almost 2 years now and still growing. We have close to 400 members, and guess what? Our members love us and are happy to pay us each and every month, BECAUSE of the value of the resources and peer membership group we have established. Our Facebook group is well worth the price itself not including the tools, however we have tons of tools and training. Today Kam has put out a training product today called The Easy 23 showing you multiple ways of establishing of a paid membership site. It’s almost like he has taken a behind the scenes look at what Andy Brocklehurst and I have done inside of Society11! He gave me access a few days ago and I dove into the training, and it is very good training. I suggest you take a couple of his methods that compliment each other into a single membership site….remember the secret is Value.

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