VideoWhizz + WP Personify Deadly 1-2 Combo!

[personify_user_firstname] VideoWhizz being brought out my Dr. Amit Pareek is an amazing way to personalize your videos and reach out directly to an individual, on their level, by calling them out by name. I know how powerful this can be, thus the reason I have been creating WP Personify!

WP Personify and VideoWhizz are a deadly one – two punch to your competitors as it allows you personalize not just to those you email, but to visitors in general! <–(That was the part that was missing IMHO of VideoWhizz.) It’s great for your emails as it will use the URLs from the email links to personalize, but you and I both know that visitors come from everywhere not just email – don’t we [personify_user_firstname]!  This is why you must use WP Personify and VideoWhizz together!

You do not want to miss out on this One – Two Combo!
Get Them Both Now!

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