It is absolutely true and it was all my fault! I did a BIG NO NO!

I installed a plugin from the WordPress repository that was in “beta testing” called Login Moved. It was supposed to have been a security plugin to to move the login url to something unique to help stop people from trying to brute force their way in.

Well CRAP!!

I was duped and seems to be quite a few others where too! It was malware and opened the door for them to get access to my blog here….Yes this exact blog!

I did not realize until I saw that google was crawling pages I knew I did not post, as they were mainly in a difference language…Japanese.  I know I do not speak or write in Japanese so something must have been foul!

I found all of this out at midnight on Saturday night and the fight began between me and the hacker!

First thing I did was try to install SUCURI WordPress plugin.  and used it in tandem with WordFence.

With both of these power teams, I was still loosing!  Bang bam Boom! POW!  I was getting the crap beat out of me by this damn hacker!

This morning I swallowed my pride and called in the big guns!  I called my host!  

No Not Host Gator!

KnownHost to the rescue!  From the moment I contacted their support until full resolution they quickly diagnosed the issue and led me down the road to a happy WordPress installation!

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I didn’t expect to have this issue however I have learned to ensure to install unverified plugs on a test installation.

KnownHost Rescued me and my blog, and they deserve all the credit!  Thanks to the Support Gang there…Top Notch!