Two Factor Authentication for WP

Written by Curt Crowley
I am sure you have been, or know someone that has been, a victim of a bruteforce attack onto a WordPress site and have been hacked. I know quite a few people that have been. Today I bring you another new, and free resource to help combat that with a Two Factor Authentication model. What is a Two Factor Authentication model? It is a security measure to force anyone who logs in to be presented with another way of verification, such as Texting e.g. receiving a text and entering in the Authentication Code, or scanning a QR Code with your mobile device. This helps protect you and your WordPress Website. It’s simply called Two-Factor. However I would test this quite a bit before installing on your WordPress. You might get locked out of your WordPress Site then. Please use this EasyWPLocalhost to setup a Test WordPress system on your desktop, . This is a great way to ensure you are not going to lock your self out, and with using Two-Factor ensuring no one else gets in! Two-Factor Get them Both today!
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