Today I show you JVZoo Member Vs. ProducDyno.
A Head to Head comparison on features, benefits, and cost!
JVZoo Member $397-$497 Yearly Vs. ProductDyno $97 Yearly.
Let Start by watching the Video!

They both compare favorably in product hosting and delivery.  They both do drip content, both integrate well with autoresponders and payment gateways, of course JVZoo Member will lean towards JVZoo. 

ProductDyno does have collections for the ability to see more product from inside your member area.  JVZoo Member has the ability for a sales page creation/hosting.

The decision process then must come down to price. are you willing to spend $397 to $497 a year for JVZoo Member when you can spend $97 a year for ProductDyno?

It’s a no brainer decision for me!
If you want to check out JVZoo Member please do that here: