WP Personify – Notification

Written by Curt Crowley
Hey [personify_user_firstname] – I have been testing out my latest plugin WP Personify. WP Personify, what is it you ask? Well do you see that button over to your right that says Facebook Login, click it and follow the steps right back here!

Great [personify_user_firstname] – Now you can see how this post has been personalized just for you and you should see your Facebook Profile Image to the right as well! We all know that personalization sells, as well as it helps the sales process [personify_user_firstname].

There was a recent launch of a product that personalized videos they did I believe over $500,000 in sales during launch! They did it because people saw the power of personilization! They went through the process and saw their name mentioned in the video and their profile image, very powerful! So it this plugin [personify_user_firstname]!

If you would like to get access early to the product and learn how to earn up to a 40% discount when it launches fill out the form below!

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