I saw Neil Napiers product the other day, VidPush I bought it today and did some tests posts, it does exactly what it says it does.  There are some Upsells which make sense, such as the Pro version to sell this as a service to others.  When I sent out an email I had a couple people ask me about another program called Video AutoPost.  So I purchased it today as well and started doing some tests. I created a Comparison Table of each, to help you make your decision.  I like the idea of Video Autopost to be able to post directly to groups.  However, I really like the idea of being able to setup a service for local businesses using their existing YouTube Channel, and their existing Facebook page and Auto posting their Videos from YouTube to Facebook(Shadowing), which only VidPush Supports(Automation).  VidPush also includes the Tags/keywords(SEO Factor and Search in Facebook) and if you include WP Image Redirect links that go to the Customers webpage or call them, it was a no brainer for me I like VidPush for the features. Below is a comparison table where you can make the decision as well.  Please leave comments let me know if you like these reviews.