This will be a bit longer post than normal, as this is a much larger issue.  One that can define if your business will survive in a single day.  What I am talking about is Paypal Adaptive payments.  These types of payments are what drives the affiliate marketplaces JVZoo and Warrior+.  They allow vendors to pay affiliates instantly for referring customers to their products.  Sometimes the commissions can be very high 75% or more, but usually around 50%.

The problem is Paypal has now restricted access to Adaptive Payments, now this does not mean it will happen overnight, however is it possible? Yes! Here is a link to Paypal developer

Here is a link showing PayPal shutting down their Paypal-apps site for new Applications that use Adaptive payments: So what does this mean for you?  Well if you are a product creator it means your salesforce maybe leaving you if/when Paypal pulls the plug from Adaptive payments.  You will have no one to drive traffic to your offers/products for a share of the booty!  

Is it all doom and gloom?  No, it is not all doom and gloom!  A while ago I purchased a cart system called Thrivecart and with the post Chris Hitman did today ( ) regarding Paypal and Adaptive Payments being limited release product, I posed a question to Josh Bartlett of Thrivecart. I asked if the work he did with Paypal when setting up the Thrivecart affiliate system would still be around if Paypal yanked the rug out from Adaptive Payments.
Josh stated, “This is one (of the many) reasons we worked directly with PayPal to create our own technology directly with them and not just rely on adaptive payments for our platform like nearly every other platform does. “

My take on this is, do not wait for the hammer to fall, prepare yourself.  Look the Boyscouts have it right….Always Prepared!